Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Call Me Senator

I've become less and less enamored with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Actually, I don't think I was ever all that enamored with her in the first place. Can you be enamored with a potted plant? I don't think that you can. And that's about what I think of Barbara Boxer. My final straw with her was summer of 2009. She was in some sort of hearing where an Army general was testifying. As per how the military is trained, he addressed her as "Ma'am." She didn't like that very much and interrupted him in order to tell him that she preferred being addressed as "Senator" because, as she put it, she "worked so hard to get that title".

That's what she was worried about. Being called "Senator" as opposed to being called "ma'am". Mind you, she called him "sir" as opposed to "General". I'm pretty sure that he worked pretty hard to get that title as well. I guess that he just wasn't as petty as she was and didn't feel the need to point that out to her at the time. He wasn't being disrespectful. If anything, he was treating her with the utmost respect. But whatever. She treated him like crap for no reason is the bottom line. She's a bit of a blowhard. And I'm apparently not the only one who thinks so.

Enter a one David Zucker. Mr. Zucker is a reformed liberal who was also a main part of the group of folks who made such awesome satirical movies such as "Naked Gun" and "Airplane!" That sort of experience really proves to come in handy when one wants to make a video which mocks Barbara Boxer for her elitist position about her, um, well, her position. And it's hilarious. It's win-win. See the awesomeness for yourself below.

By the way, my dislike for Barbara Boxer should be in no way interpreted as an endorsement for Carly Fiorina. While I think Carly has potential, I just don't know about her in the capacity as Senator. That doesn't mean that I think Barbara Boxer should stay put. I hate having only two viable choices. It only serves to make me feel all the more scroomed.

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Edge said...

Hey Mare,

Carly Fiorina is the former CEO of HP, a CEO that, in the middle of the night and without telling her existing workers or anyone else, outsourced half of her HP Support Call Center to India, leading to frustrated customers, decreased call quality, and increased supervisor calls, mainly to the call center in Canada where I used to work.

That's the type of person Carly Fiorina is...she'll sell you out to make more money, and then run likea thief in the night with her golden parachute.

Either way Mare, you are scroomed, big time.

Scott Jacobs said...

Yeah. God forbid she try and keep her company profitable... What a fucking bitch.

At least she knows how to keep a budget outta the red.

You think Boxer hasn't sold people out for her own benefit?

You clearly have no idea what her voting record is.