Monday, September 6, 2010

What's Cookin' On Labor Day?

It's Labor Day and that means picnics and barbecues if you're into that sort of thing. And if you're not into that sort of thing, then it simply means that it's Monday. But as I thought of all of the great grub that can be had at your typical American Labor Day feast, it made me really glad that I don't live in other countries where the grub isn't what I would call quite so great. I'm sure these countries are fine places to visit, but I can't that I'd want to live there with some of these items on the menus.

Take Peru, for example. Every year, they hold a festival dedicated to the guinea pig. And when I say "dedicated", I mean dedicated. Dedicated as in that's what they're cooking and serving up. Behold!

It's called cuy. Pronounce that however you'd like whilst you're trying not to gag. Maybe I would find it to be a little more appetizing if it wasn't just dumped in the fryer all whole like that. I don't want my food to have a face that can look at me. Ever. Nor do I want my food to have a discernible tail. Behold!

Served at a wild game restaurant in Guangzhou, China, those would be cooked field rats. I have no idea what the sauce or the outer coating on them is or is supposed to be. I am curious as to what purpose the tail serves. Is it like a built in stick, so you can eat 'em like a state fair food? I don't get it. Nor do I want it. Other things I don't want on or in my food? One of those things would be more than two legs. Behold!

Those would be deep fried spiders being sold in Vietnam. According to The Daily Telegraph, "... The fist-sized arachnids are crunchy on the outside and taste like cold, gooey chicken on the inside." An excellent description, though I'm not sure that I know what cold, gooey chicken tastes like, nor do I know why I would want to. They are 10 for two dollars which is quite a bargain. Still seems a little bit steep for me, however. Then again, any price to eat a deep fried spider seems like it would be too much for me. And it also seems like it would be a steep price for me to pay for anything this grotesque that is packaged in a can. Say, like these silkworm pupae that come in a can in Korea. Behold!

OK, see, I was going to say something about the "foods" before this one that alluded to there possibly not being a lot to eat in those countries and so they make do on what they have. But this kind of kills that theory. You would have to go out of your way to have this. It's not like you could just find the critters out in the barn like you could those field mice. (OK, fine. Out in the field. You knew what I meant!) That's just gross. Even with the sparkly toothpicks, they're just gross. You know what else is gross that sparkly toothpicks likely wouldn't help to be more palatable? Fish mouths! Wait. Yes, you heard me. Fish mouths. Behold!

What kind of fish have teeth like those?! No fish that I am aware of! Certainly not anything that is fit for consumption. Do you eat those little teeth things as well? I guess if you're at the point where you're already eating fish mouths, a few teeth aren't going to bother you much. I guess it would kind of be like if you were eating a cookie full of wasps, their little wings wouldn't bother you much either. Behold!

That would be what is called a digger wasp rice cracker. It is also called Jibachi Senbei. Neither terminology is going to make it look any better to me. Apparently, how this atrocity came to be was when "A Japanese fan club for wasps has added the insects to rice crackers, saying the result adds a delicious scent to the traditional fare." I don't want bugs in my food simply for a "delicious scent". No, thanks. And who has a fan club where the thing that you're a fan of becomes your lunch? If it was a Hello Kitty fan club, would they have kitten cookies with real kittens? It frightens me to think of what the answer to that might actually be.

And finally, just for something completely whack-a-do that really makes me glad that any chicken I might consume on Labor Day will be prepared on a grill and not in the fashion in which a restaurant in China prepares their chickens. That is, the fashion in which they kill the chicken involves having a snake bite its neck. Behold!

Oh, what the hell is that? It's just like what it looks like it is. It's a snake biting the neck of a chicken so that the chicken can be served in a dish called (wait for it) Snake-bit Chicken. Catchy, no? No. Now, I don't know if this is prominent all over China, but it was the specialty fare for at least one restaurant last year. The restaurant "...defended the controversial practice...saying the resulting dish was healthy and kept the customers flooding in". How is that healthy? Couldn't a chicken that did NOT have to be bitten by a snake be just as healthy? I'm thinking it might be MORE healthy to have it done that way. You know, without all of the snake and without all of the biting. You know what else I think? I think I'm going to be very thankful for whatever is being grilled around here for Labor Day.

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Anonymous said...

Christ, what a blinkered, ignorant mental midget you are!

"Eeew, people in other countries eat food that I, in my limited experience, find repugnant! Eeew! I shall write a poorly-worded blog post that lays bare how yucky their food is! That will make them wake up! Why can't the whole world grow obese and prosperous on hamburgers made from hormone-filled beef anus?"

The funniest thing is that your blog's strapline apparently decries the ignorance of the US, while you display that very same pig-ignorance in every post you write.

I wonder why your traffic is so scarce and no-one bothers to comment on your pitiful rants.

Seriously, grow the hell up and realise that your received opinions are about as important, relevant and interesting as the sound the wind makes blowing across the neck of a bottle (or, indeed, the sound of turd splashing into a toilet bowl).

Mare said...

Hello, cowardly Anonymous commenter.

Life must be rough over there in the Netherlands for you to spend so much time writing such a blathering diatribe of what you find wrong with my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the picture of Daryl Cagle that you downloaded, as well as the other pages of my blog that you viewed. You clearly had a little bit more interest than what you wanted to claim. After all, you spent over half on hour on here. Was it the big words that gave you trouble?

Sorry that you're so angry with the prosperity of the US. And fortunately, my prosperity is such that I'm having simply wonderful time and could not be happier that you're on the other side of the world stewing in your own misery.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So ... the strapline is NOT supposed to indicate that you think the US is an ignorant nation? Wow. That's sad. You're not very good at expressing yourself with words.

What makes you think I took "so much time writing" that post? You realise that people who finished high school can generally compose a few paragraphs in a few minutes? Again, I fear your basic literacy leaves something to be desired.

To be fair, while I can't quite remember how I arrived at your blog, I do recall that the first post I read actually contained a decent point or two. Then I read some more and was amazed at just how stupid, tiresome and self-important you are.

Anonymous said...

It's adorable that you think you can sound clever by reading some basic blog stats. You could be a pissant version of Big Brother. Retarded Cousin, maybe?

I don't have much against the US (apart from the fact that it's overpopulated by no-nothings such as yourself), but as for the prosperity ... how's that nationwide foreclosure and slide into second-world status going? No doubt, I could find a post or three on your blog that claims it's Obama's fault (but, obviously, I can't be bothered).

If that's your pic next to your comment, you certainly look "prosperous" - in the sense that you've been able to afford quite a bit of meth in the last few years. Do you have a 'before' photo? Maybe better to use that, or remain an "anonymous coward".

Anonymous said...

"Was it the big words that gave you trouble?"
Heh. That's just pitiful. You consider anything over three syllables 'big', I guess.

Have fun not knowing anything and bellowing your non opinions to an empty theatre!

Anonymous said...

Cool, this could be the most comments you've ever received on a post! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

"my prosperity is such that I'm having simply wonderful time"

Yep. Your endless posts whining about things you object to or don't understand and wishing they'd all go away make you sound extremely happy, positive and content.

You're the very picture of joy!

Alice Amplified said...

Dear Netherlandian:

Though I agree with you that our Mare tends to go off on rants at times and can be insanely sarcastic, she is far from a mental midget. You may have gotten a intelligent interaction from her had you not started with the name calling. That's not how we do it here in the US.

The meth comment was just pure and utter bullshit and as someone who knows her well in person I can tell you that you are grasping there.

You should really check yourself. Your point, which might be valid, is getting lost in the name calling.

I expect more from the land if wooden shoes.

Bryce Canyon Inn said...

I am sympathetic to the celebration of Labor Day but not keen to eat Strange Foods like this.