Friday, September 24, 2010

Facebook Is Down! Facebook Is Down!

Yesterday, the Facebook went down for a few hours. You would have thought that time had stood still, judging from some of the reactions on the Innerwebs. Fortunately for us, some folks took to Twitter when they were FB-less and some of them used their 140 characters or less to provide us with amusement.

Take a one TheDollSays who took to tweeting in order to bring us this gem:

Would not have surprised me a bit if that really happened. Not a bit. Something called OPB realized that Facebook being down was just what this country needed.

Something called MTVClutch realized that without the Facebook, we are really going to miss out on some pertinent information about folks.

A one Misty Mills took this opportunity to, once and for all, explain what in the world Twitter is for.

And this poor Kingsleyyy chap is very upset about being sans Facebook. He blames it on the upcoming movie about Facebook's (alleged) creator, Mark Zuckerberg.

All I know is that if someone ever asks me where I was during the great Facebook outage of 2010, they're going to get punched. It was two hours, people! Get a grip!

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Mark said...

Child's play compared to when WoW goes down.

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

OMG, I was the same way. I think I twittered 20 different things, cause I didnt know what else to do with myself. SAD, we all need to really get outside and do something.