Friday, April 29, 2011

He's Not A Kenyan, He's A Socialist

Well, Wednesday was interesting. That was when President Barry released his long form birth certificate because he finally realized that not doing so was causing the entire country to go off the rails. The final straw in the insanity which is the birth certificate issue seemed to have been Donald Trump making a big deal about it. And I find it odd that the emcee of a reality TV show (in which D-List celebrities are compelled to complete some wacky task in hopes of staving off elimination) brought this issue out of the woodwork of the crazy and into the mainstream woodwork of the trying-to-not-act-crazy.

I think I understand how it got to this point, though. I mean, I agreed with President Barry not releasing his long form birth certificate before now because he had already released sufficient proof. And besides that, it made people that continued to question it sound like blathering idiots. What he didn't count on (and what I hoped wouldn't happen) was that people started to actually listen to the blathering idiots and started to convince themselves of that nonsense. The next thing you know, you have the majority of Republicans and a good handful of Democrats believing that President Barry was born in another country. That's not going to do anyone any good.

But do you know what might not do any good either? Releasing the long form birth certificate just as he did. Look, people are going to believe whatever they want to believe with certain things. They're especially prone to being intellectually dishonest if they don't like the guy that is the current President. It happened with Bush (Gore had the most votes and Bush wasn't really President) and it's happening again with President Barry. It happened with Presidents before these guys (I vaguely remember a couple of Clinton conspiracies after Vince Foster offed himself) and it will happen with Presidents after these guys. And no matter what the truth, those who were in the wrong aren't going to admit it.

And I don't even know if Donald Trump really believed the crap that he was spouting to begin with. He said a lot of things before this was re-resolved that he won't cop to now. But that's because he's a crazy carnival barker-esque narcissist. Let's see how he's taking the reality that President Barry was actually born in Hawaii. When surrounded by reporters, one guy managed to get this question off to The Donald: "You said yesterday, "We hear that it is missing." Before that, you said, "You won't believe what my investigators on the ground are saying." Do the people in this country now need to doubt the information that you're being given? Were you making this up? Where did this information come from?"

A reasonable question. Too bad that there wasn't a reasonable answer. "Noooo. I think that what you're going to see...First, we have to look at the certificate. But I am really happy that this has finally taken place because we have some issues that are..are unbelievably important."

Wait. What was that? That's not an answer. Never mind the fact that we DO have issues that are unbelievably important that are not getting the attention that they deserve because of this issue that TRUMP BROUGHT UP HIMSELF! Yeah, try to put that aside for a moment. The reporter realized that it wasn't an answer either when he said, "You didn't answer my question, sir." Trump's response? Guess. Just guess. "I think I did. No. I did. I did answer your question." Oh, for cryin' out loud. No, you didn't. See, you weren't so much answering as much as you were just talking. And while there does have to be talking in order to get to the answering, just because there is talking doesn't mean that you're actually doing the answering. No, you just reiterated how freaking proud of yourself you were. And I still don't get that. Here you were, going around saying that you doubted that he was born in this country. Then we get MORE proof (as proof was given a long time ago) that he was born in this country. So, you're proud of the fact that you looked like an ass for doubting it? You're proud that you claimed that the birth certificate was missing? That gives you warm fuzzies inside, Donald? Wow. OK, then. Not even an "I'm sorry. I was wrong." Interesting. You suck. Both as a human being (which I'm only giving him the benefit of the doubt about) and as a jackass.

I haven't seen any recent polling to see if the events that unfolded on Wednesday are going to change anyone's mind. While I am hoping (probably against all hope) that it has snapped some people back into reality, I'm afraid that it hasn't. No, I'm afraid that those who are hardcore are going to look at the newly released birth certificate and have the following questions:

I wish I could say that I thought that this was all done, but I know that it isn't. So, for what won't be the last time, let me reiterate: President Barry wasn't born in Kenya. He's not a Kenyan. He's not a Muslim. He's a freaking socialist! Keep your eye on the ball, people! FOCUS!

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Scott Jacobs said...

Oh sure, they released the Long Form... But why not the LONGER Long Form?


Mare said...

Exactly, Scott. My point exactly.

~ Mary