Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sacre Boom!

All I have for today are some brief musings about Libya. I'm also open to any other opinions, as I seem to have run rather low on give-a-damn these days.

I was at Starbucks this past weekend and I heard people talking about the U.S. joining in to help establish a no-fly zone in Libya. I was shocked (for reals this time) and all I wanted to do was to point out to these people that we are already involved in two other wars that no one ever talks about! They were acting as if our military's presence is not already being felt in two Muslim sand lands and has been for the past ten years. But no, I just let them talk. I think I was too stunned to even pipe up, anyway.

Speaking of the no-fly zone, why are we participating in the bombing of things? There have been buildings bombed and trucks bombed and all sort of stuff bombed. Last time I checked, none of those things flew. How is this a no-fly zone and not just a bunch of planes and subs bombing stuff? Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily against it (though I don't think that I can necessarily be for it), I'm just pointing out that those things don't fly.

I'm tired of the U.S. being the world's policeman. There is absolutely no reason for us to be involved in the Libya thing. The U.S. has no vested interest in Libya one way or the other. I'd also like to know who is in charge of picking and choosing which atrocities we get involved in. OK, so the Libyan forces were killing the rebels. (Are we all really so surprised that Gaddafi isn't going quietly into the sand dunes like Mubarak did over yonder in Egypt? I'm more surprised that Mubarak didn't do the same thing that Gaddafi is doing.) There is constant rape going on in the Congo. Or is it just Congo? Whatever it is, it's very rape-y over there. That's not important to stop? What about Kim Jung Il? He's a lunatic in platform shoes and ladies eyewear and likely has nuclear weaponry. Why don't we take him out while we're at it? No, instead we're all focused on Libya for some reason.

I know this is very surface stuff here. Some might even call it trite. Hell, I might call it trite. But I just cannot stomach the thought of the U.S. being the face of aggression in another Muslim dominant sand land and for who knows for how long?! Don't even get me started on what this is going to end up costing us. I can't even stomach adding a couple of pictures to this. I'm just so done with this country putting our soldiers in harms way for no reason. I think I'm also done talking about this unless something overly asinine develops. I'm open to any other opinions, by the way. Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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Mark said...

One reason to bomb things that don't fly is that some of those things on the ground shoot at things that are flying. It seems to me that the first thing to do in establishing a no-fly zone would be to take out air defenses so that your planes can enforce the no-fly zone without having to worry about those air defenses.

I'm sure the protests against what we are doing in Libya will be legion any day now, just like they were when Bush was President.

Scott Jacobs said...

Mark is right - the VERY first thing you start doing when enforcing a NFZ is take out ground sites that are used to attack aircraft. SAM sites, radar sites, AA guns, all have to be dealt with before you can confidently fly combat air patrol missions.

The biggest issue is the ease with which these sites can be made into mobile platforms, making it difficult to use anything but aircraft to attack them (tomahawk cruise missiles are programed for their target, and thus need intel as to location, and if they move the stuff before the missile gets there...).

A lot of them can also only be attacked if they fire (or attempt to fire) first. Not because of any rules of engagement, but because you can't find them otherwise.

But don't worry... We'll have a cruise missile hit the wrong building, or have bad intel sending it to the wrong building, and we'll be massive assholes again.

Because people don't seem to understand that such things are inevitable in war, and we've become complete fucking pussies when it comes to civilian casualties.