Monday, November 1, 2010

Restoring Sanity Through Signage

This weekend was the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert "Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear" in Washington, D.C. And I love me a rally because with every rally comes lots of awesome signs. And this time they were particularly awesome due to the predominant message of sanity that they were supposed to be sending. At least, I think that was the message. Whatever it was, it looked like people had a pretty good time. It also looked like there were some pretty awesome signs. Let's take a gander, shall we?

Here's a guy who has a sign which says what I've been saying for a long time. The people that some people don't like aren't Nazis. Obama isn't a Nazi. He's a socialist. They're both equally scary, I understand. But there is a difference.

President Barry isn't a Muslim either, but that's what makes the sign below particularly amusing.

Sometimes, you just have to make sure that some things are still the same.

I do, however, appreciate this lady setting at least one thing straight.

They don't all have to be signs that are political in nature. After all, we're talking about restoring sanity. So why shouldn't we get a few more tortillas with our fajitas? Seems pretty sane to me.

Sadly enough, the sign below might actually contain a pretty good suggestion for some folks.

And I'm certainly inclined to agree with the chap below. Looks like it was a pretty good time. What say we do it on the West coast next time, eh?

In keeping with the theme that people that certain people don't like aren't really Nazis, this woman sums it up in a straightforward, yet charming sort of way. And I thank her for that.

It just wouldn't be a public get together without someone looking to see a little cleavage.

And who doesn't want a sandwich? Nothing insane about that. I'd like a sandwich right now.

Same with waffles. Mmmm...waffles.

Overall, I think the whole thing was a huge success. I think that because, mainly, it's really impossible to define what success would have been in this instance. If there were any regrets when it was over, they were probably a lot like this guy's.

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