Monday, December 12, 2011

No Senators Needed

Recently, there have been at least a couple of incidents (which is at least a couple too many) of elderly passengers going through airport security and being strip searched. And I'm pretty sure that we can all agree that this is just absolutely asinine. That 85-year old woman in Florida who is getting on a plane to New Hampshire or wherever she was going is NOT a terrorist. She's not. I know it. You know it. But do you know who doesn't know it? Some jackass at the TSA. That is correct.

And now, of course, a couple of senators feel the need to get involved in all of this in the most idiotic way ever. According to MSNBC, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and state Sen. Michael Gianaris (both D-umbasses) "...want to place a passenger advocate at airports to immediately act on complaints from passengers about security screenings." What? Why?

Here's an idea: How about if the TSA DOES NOT hire idiots? How about if the TSA immediately FIRES anyone who is stupid enough to make an 85-year old woman in a wheelchair take off her pants and underpants? How about THAT? And how about if those senators stay the hell out of this? This has nothing to do with them. They're senators. That doesn't mean that they get to get involved in anything and everything that might be occurring in the country at any given time. (If you have no earthly idea as to what I could be referring to, please see all of the Congressional hearings regarding steroid use in baseball.)

I'd really like to know how these mouth breathers manage to keep their jobs after strip searching an 85-year old woman. Geez. Good work if you can get it, I suppose. And as much as I dislike the TSA and their refusal to hire people who understand what their job actually is (Here's a hint: It is not to subject elderly people who are obviously not terrorists to strip searches.), the last thing that we need to do is to have Congress get involved. And I'm pretty sure that they have things that are a little more Congress-y to do and keep them busy without their butting into this TSA business.

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