Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Donald Trump Debate

Can someone please explain to me this idiotic ritual that the Republicans who are running for the Presidential nomination seem to engage in when they pander to Donald Trump? Why are they meeting with him? Why do they feel it is so necessary to get his seal of approval (and probably to kiss his ring)? Since when does Donald Trump have anything at all to do with American politics and how they're run?!

I thought that we would have heard the last from The Donald after the tantrum that he put on regarding President Barry's birth certificate. Trump did everything but come right out and say that he didn't believe that President Barry was born in this country. He even said that he had 'investigators' over the in Hawaii and that we wouldn't believe they things that they were finding. (And really, if the 'things' that they were 'finding' were that he was actually born in this country, I highly doubt that I would have been surprised by that.) He made himself look exactly like the tool that he apparently is.

And now what is happening? Why, he's holding his own debate, that's what! How does that happen? Why does he get to hold a debate? (Can anyone do that? Because I've got some questions! Oh, boy, do I have questions.) He's a reality TV show host/star. That's how most people know who he is these days. If he didn't have Celebrity Apprentice, would we be having this conversation? I don't think that we would. And if that is the case, why him? How is he any better than Kim Kardashian? She's a reality show star. Is she going to host a debate next?! Dear Lord. I can't even go there.

So far, however, some of the Republican candidates have shown at least a shred of common sense (which is a trait that has been absent from most of the previous debates so far). Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney have all said that they won't be attending Donald Trump's debate. The only ones who have committed to going are Newt Gingrich (who might be really smart, but seems to be a soulless, unethical weasel) and Rick Santorum (who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of locking up the nomination). I can see why Newt would go as him and Donald Trump both seem to be self-important blowhards who love themselves an awful lot. And as far as Rick Santorum goes, well, his showing up to this thing really accentuates just one more reason why we don't want him anywhere near the presidency.

This thing needs to not happen. Donald Trump needs no encouragement in this arena. We need serious debates with people that are actually invested in the process and not out for their own personal promotion. And really, I know we're doomed, but why speed up the process by letting Donald Trump do whatever he wants?

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evelyngarone..com said...

You're right, I really don't "get" the Donald Trump debate... unfortunately right now I like Gingrich and hope it doesn't hurt Newt, but I guess they're hoping for his backing and money...Newt needs money for a good campaign!

Mare said...

Hey, evelyngaron.com.

If it wasn't for Gingrich's sordid past, he is someone I could get behind. He's really smart, he seems to understand where the problems are and he tends to mop the floor with the other candidates in the debates. But he is just such a sneaky weasel that I have a hard time throwing my support behind him. Don't get me wrong. I would never support Mitt (who is next in the polls behind Newt). But I am interested to see where this Gingrich thing is going to go. Are we sure that these are the only choices that the Republicans are putting out there? =)

Thanks for reading!

~ Mary

Mare said...

PS Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Evelyngarone.com. There. That's better.

~ Mary