Monday, August 4, 2008

R.I.P. Playgirl

(Sorry this is late. Things got a little busy. Or something like that. Hey! Y'all aren't always reading this on time! I can be late too. Geez. Tough crowd. )

Well, the crappy economy is having an effect in areas that you probably didn't think it would. I know that for me, when I hear about the "troubled economy" I don't automatically think, "Gee, I wonder if magazines like Playgirl will still be able to stay in print." See, now HAD I thought that, I wouldn't be so surprised at the news that the magazine Playgirl will cease to be a magazine and will only offer it's content on the web.

Apparently, the last print issue of the " glossy, soft-porn magazine" which "debuted as the women’s alternative to soft-porn men’s magazines in 1973" will be the "Jan/Feb 2009 magazine, which comes out Nov. 18." That according to In other news, there is a

Really? 1973? Huh. So 35 years of glossy soft-porn marketed for women, but loved by gay men around the globe. Ok then.

And did you know that although Playgirl was originally designed with females in mind, it quickly grew a large gay male fan base as well. Shocking, I know. Actually, while not "shocking", it is interesting that Playgirl would have a significant gay male readership base, but I don't think that Playboy has a significant gay female readership base. And I guess that guys are supposed to be "more visual" when it comes to things like this, but you'd kind of maybe expect the same sort of behavior then from the gay females because, well, just because. You do the math.

I always find it amusing when the articles that are about subjects that everyone knows plenty about feel the need to state the blatantly obvious. (You know, just in case someone's been living under a rock since 1973 and are just now learning that this fabulous new periodical called Playgirl, will soon cease to exist.) "Playgirl features pictorials of nude and seminude men in erotic poses, accompanied by articles on sex, lifestyle topics and celebrities." Huh. Nude and seminude men in a magazine, you say? Interesting. Tell me more. What?! It's over. Crap, I'm late for everything.

Well, fine. Adios Playgirl. We hardly knew ye. Let's see, what to put on the headstone of the newly deceased publication? Um....Ah. Got it.


1973 - 2008


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